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Aug 28 - Sept 1, 2020

Sept 2 - Sept 6, 2020 

Las Vegas, Nevada

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ATTENTION: Based on recent global events, many of our vendors and partners CAN NOT Guarantee that their business or service will be available to us based in circumstances beyond their control. State and Federal mandates may prohibit them from offering their services.
In response to these developments the AOF MEGAFEST events will offer an Online Event from August 28 - September 1, 2020 and our Live Event in Las Vegas from September 2 to September 6, 2020. Should Vendors, Federal and or State leaders close locations at that time, the ENTIRE AOF Megafest Program will be held Online. Thank you!


The Home of Over 15 Great Film and Script Events All Taking Place During

One Magnificent Week In Beautiful Las Vegas.
We accept and support EVERY Genre and EVERY type of Story from Poetry to Script Pilots and Shorts to Full Feature Scripts.  All phases of Film and Story is supported from Storyboards to One Sheets and Posters.
Enter your work now and join one of the biggest events of it's kind in the World.


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What People Say:

April 21, 2020

The new edition of the incredible AOF Megafest Magazine April Edition 2020.  On the cover is none other than the amazing Aaron Seals, one of the most import casting forces in the history of film.  With great stories on legendary Stunt Woman Jessi Fisher and so many other.... read more here  https://simplebooklet.com/aofmegafestmagapril2020

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Johnny Balazs

"This is it!! This is the one every filmmaker needs to enter. Not only has AOF built itself to a legitimate, prestigious and honourable film festival, but the level of care, professionalism and overall great communication between organisers and filmmakers is second to none. My film Night Shift is the 3rd to be accepted into the festival in as many years. So we're making the pilgrimage from Australia this year and looking forward to meeting the team in Vegas. If you're a filmmaker - then AOF is a must."

Rebecca Ann Dowty

"Of all the festivals I've attended, ACTION-ON is my favorite. They keep costs to a minimum for writers/ filmmakers to create a family of support and encouragement while affording attendees a wealth of opportunities, awards and networking. You can be sure your work WILL BE REVIEWED by an Industry Professional. Highly recommend."

MEGAFEST, what the heck is that?  MegaFest is multiple festivals, competitions, screening events, nightly parties, seminars, mixers, international awards and more. No need to travel to 15 shows and events. Experience it all during the live Eleven Day AOF Event.    

More opportunities, excitement, acceptance, nominations, awards and prizes being offered by an incredibly diverse group of judges, producers, committees and lovers of film from across the globe. Give your work its best chance to be seen and celebrated.
Events for 2020 Include but are not limited to:

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If you'd like to support the festival, please support our charity Gifted.  It  has for well over a decade - assisted young talented people in reaching their goals and dreams in life.

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