Now in our 15th Season, The AOF is the go to festival for filmmakers, writers, producers, actors, DPs, composers and post production professionals to have their work recognized and honored. The AOF has launched a number of careers and continues to use aggressive marketing to bring even more attention and success to filmmakers and writers from around the globe. How do we do it? First of all, we care. It all starts with that. Next the AOF only screens your projects in the finest theaters in the world. Huge screens, lots of seats, great projection, and is in a beautiful location, Las Vegas, NV. And Yes, AOF even has great party places. The AOF works directly with some of the biggest sponsor partners in food, entertainment and hospitality. We've also launched a line of Books about our filmmakers and writers and we've even become direct distributors for a number of aggregators and even Shorts.tv. We feature our television interviews on the Del Weston Action On Film show which airs Nationwide. Action on Film honors our filmmakers with brilliant awards and prizes in one of the biggest and most exciting award programs. The AOF charity events include more than money. AOF makes sure that you and the kids we support really connect. Dollars are great, but the human experience beats them every time.

Stunt Awards

The Academy has shunned the advancements and dynamic performances of stunt performers for decades. Here at Action On Film we understand that the incredible contributions made to the industry by Stunt Choreographers, Stunt Coordinators, Stuntmen and Stuntwomen must be recognized. We created The Legendary Stunt Awards where Stunt Professionals will be honored along with other great performers at Action On Film.

We Love Writers

    Yes, we love writers.  And, we can prove it.  Every year we produce events geared exclusively for the writers who create the stories that every filmmaker, producer, actor, wardrobe professional and make up artist tells.

AOF 2018 was a year especially for writer. AOF 2019 promises to embrace and Honor Writers like no other festival does.

Some events in 2018 that were geared towards Writers:

  • The Writers Dinner and Award Show

  • The Writers Gathering

  • Writers Round Table

  • Del Weston's Get It Done

  • Writing Seminars on all aspects 

  • Poetry Slam

What does it mean for you?

Action on Film is an organization dedicated to helping independent filmmakers and writers receive the exposure and credit their hard work and talent deserves. AOF organizes an annual film festival and has also premiered its own television show on NBC late night. Annually growing in size, the film festival is estimated to screen more than 600 films.

How to Submit

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If you'd like to support the festival, please support our charity Gifted.  It  has for well over a decade - assisted young talented people in reaching their goals and dreams in life.

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