About The AOF Megafest

     The Action On Film International Film Festival originally began in March of 2005 with a three-month lead time to produce a show as an addendum to the long-running Ed Parker Long Beach Internationals.  By that time, Mr. Parker had already past and the tournament had fallen on hard times.  Gm Frank R. Trejo jr asked me if I could create something to add to the show to bring it back to its former glory.  I came up with The Action On Film Festival.

     After three years in Long Beach, we decided to separate from the martial arts show and we moved to Pasadena Ca where we spent 6 seasons honing and building our show.  In 2012 we moved to the beautifully Krikorian Theaters in Monrovia CA where we continued to grow the show and to represent literally tens of thousands of writers, producers, directors, performers, and other creative forces from every aspect of the film industry.

     In 2017 we moved the show to Las Vegas NV in order to cast the show -which had no become a World Class Event- into its final permutation as the AOF Megafest.  This show would incorporate other amazing film festivals and events into one massive show where filmmakers and writers could showcase their work in top-of-the-line theaters in the most exciting city in the world.

Del GIANT cropped B.png

     As we approach two decades in independent, privately run, non-government backed operations we can only thank the people who helped us achieve this incredible feat.  

     The AOF has featured stars such as Talia Shire, Mark Ruffalo, Ron Perlman, Eric Bana, Deborah Kara Unger, Bill Duke, Glynn Turman, Michael Madsen and so many others have come out to support over the years.  We've also launched a number of successful television programs including The AOF Channel and Del Weston's Action On Film as well as the AOF Megafest Magazine.

     All that being said, the most important part of the AOF is the people who trust us with their work, their hopes and their dreams every season.  We haven't always pleased everyone but we've always tried.  As we grow and move into the new decade we will continue to offer everything we can to those looking to make thier way in the world of cinema, television and art.

Thank you.