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Del Weston and The Action On Film International Film Festival

     The Action On Film Festival and Writers Celebration was created after its founder, Del Weston had a number of horrible experiences at film festivals and events that claimed to support the filmmaker but were little more than opportunities for filmmakers and writers to be exploited.

     When the opportunity arose in 2005 to create the show, Weston did not hesitate and basically, the rest is history.


     The festival has created careers, sold tons of films, produced hundreds of shorts and films as well as episodic television series,

podcasts and more in an attempt to serve our greatest resources, filmmakers and writers.

The road has not been without bumps and detours but it has been a pleasure to give people from around the world the opportunity to showcase their work, be heard and rewarded for their efforts.  We accept All Genres in Every discipline and look forward to continuing this process as we grow.  We welcome everyone with a dream and invite anyone who has a story to tell, to tell it with us.  Read more about the AOF Story Here.

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