Why Comedy Matters

And The Great Italian Comedies in History

July 29, 12pm-2pm

At the Brenden Theaters
inside the Palms Hotel and Casino

Ticket Price: $25 

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Alessandra Guarino Award-winning Italian Filmmaker and Actress 

Many people believe laughter is contagious, and one person laughing, can start others in a fit of laughter, which in turn release endorphins, or neurotransmitters, which are responsible for feelings of euphoria. 


Some researchers even suggest that laughing 100 times gives you the same workout as 15 minutes on an exercise bike.  Laughing works the cardiovascular system and lowers blood pressure, so it’s like a cardio workout.


Now, how do we apply comedy in acting and writing? 

Kathrina Miccio will present how comedy is defined by its characters, which resonates what happens in our everyday life. Like life, comedy continues in unending renovation  change, and what people can relate to. 

Alessandra Guarino will  introduce us to some Italian classic comedy, which inspires her to write, and will also compare them to present day comedy. She will also show examples of Italian comedies in history.

Angela Pietropinto  will present the rules of comedy, and find where they exemplify these rules in actual scripts. Volunteer attendees will do some improvisations and theater 

games which implement the rules. 

Alessandra Guarino is a filmmaker, director, actress, dancer, choreographer, musician, music composer, singer, audio and video editor, photographer, graphic designer, webmaster, certified ThetaHealer®.

Always passionate about all kinds of art (but also about science, technology and what goes beyond the visible reality). She has dedicated her life to dance (almost all styles), and also music (playing, composing and singing), artistic and artisanal creations.

She worked as a dancer and singer on TV shows, such as “Domenica in…”,and ”Aqua Calda”, also in theater, disco and club stages, as a dancer, singer, keyboard player, and as a solo artist, with her band “Alex Show”. She has been a choreographer, costume designer, music arranger.  She also worked as a sound engineer and lighting designer assistant.
As a musician, arranger and music programmer, she collaborated with some music recording studios and with midi files and mobile ringtone companies.
Through technology development, she began to work on graphics and photo processing, audio and video editing, multimedia creations and websites.

It was only when she began to make her own films, that she found the best, most exciting way to express her creativity, to communicate a message and to bring life to “something”, merging all the things that she can do, and that in which she loves.

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