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Amy Leigh McCorkle and the
“Conquering Disabilities With Film International Film Festival”

     Amy Leigh McCorkle was born in Louisville, KY. Her mother raised her for the first year and half of her life. Amy was incredibly blessed to have an amazing man step into the role of father. He would read bedtime stories, take them to the movies, and though both parents wanted a traditional career, by pursuing their dreams of being a teacher and public defender Amy was able to pursue the arts and her dream of being a filmmaker and writer.


     In 1996 she met Missy Goodman, and in 1997 they embarked upon a writing and filmmaking partnership which has brought

them 124 awards across 28 published novels, 37 scripts, and 24 films.

     Their path was not a clear one, Amy’s struggle with bipolar disorder marked them both in very big ways. Amy sought treatment

and through therapy, meds, and amazing caregivers she went on to a very successful independent writing and directing career, she now sits poised to break into the mainstream.

     Amy was awarded the Conquering Disabilities With Film International Film Festival at the 2019 AOF MEGAFEST and in its second year seeks to build upon the success of its first year serving mentally ill and other disabled artists and caregivers as a part of the AOF MEGAFEST family.

     The Conquering Disabilities with Film International Film Festival seeks to recognize, serve, and honor the mentally ill artist who is using art to heal themselves. CDWFIFF is part of the successful AOF Megafest. Now in its 16th year, MegaFest will host the Conquering Disabilities with Film International Film Festival.

     Vegas, a tourist destination for so many reasons, now has one more event to draw you into its vibrant nightlife. All screenings and events will take place in the heart of Las Vegas, NV at various locations. Your work will screen in state of the art theaters NOT in hotel meeting rooms, bars, halls, libraries, etc.

     The directors at CDWFIFF along with the AOF MegaFest, have created a positive respectful environment to encourage dialogue and foster growth and understanding in an industry that is known for looking the other way. At CDWIFF you are understood, welcomed, and loved. You are at home.

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