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Welcome to the AOF Seminars.  These 23 Amazing Seminars are FREE to Every accepted AOF Megafest Accepted Writer or Filmmaker.  The Life Panel with Magie Cook, Dr. Robert Goldman and Dr. Susan Stafford is a separate charge.  Click the photos to learn more.  Accepted Writers and Filmmakers are required to RSVP.  Thank you!

This Year We Offer MEGAFEST U Certificates with Attendance 

Attend 3 Seminars and Get a 'Completion' Certificate from The AOF Megafest
Attend 6 Seminars and Get a 'Pro' Filmmakers or Writer Certificate

Attend 10 or More Seminars and Get a Master of the Film Arts' Certificate

Please Note:  The Seminars named below are in chronological order to the Ten Days of the Festival

AOF - Clint Arthur
7.27.19 1pm Clint Arthur is one of the most incredible and dynamic speakers on today's stage...
Low To No - Vernon Wells
7.27.19 3pm
The Veteran Actor / Filmmaker / Star talks about the Industry, the Business and YOU.
Low To No - Nicholas Simonin
7.28.19 1pm Nicolas will help demystify the low-budget horror genre and give tips on how to make your own one-of-a-kind
Derek DOA Allen
7.28.19 3:00pm - 4:45pm
“Revolving Stages: The Past Present and Future in Music” DOA will discuss his career,
Venus - Angela Pietropinto
7.29.19 11am Why Comedy Matters Many people believe laughter is contagious, and one person
Venus Great Italian Comedies
7.29.19 11am Alessandra Guarino Award-winning
Italian Filmmaker and Actress Alessandra
Venus - Kathrina Miccio
7.29.19 11an Actress and Filmmaker Kathrina Miccio will present how comedy is defined by its characters, which
Kelly Schwarze
7.29.19 1pm
Kelly Schwarze King of Producing for Micro Budget Films and More
Dr. Paul Dyer
7.29.19 3pm
Action. Angle,Body Movie Moves Learn to understand how and why the body moves
Script Summit's Geoffrey D. Calhoun
7.30.19 11am
What comes next?
You’ve written your screenplay but now what?
Script Summit Presents JoAnn Hess
7.30.19 12pm to 1pm
Scene Mastery: Essential Skills to Elevate Every Scene with JoAnn Hess
Newsfest - Laurel Adler
7.30.19 1pm Finance your Films Through Non-Profit Partnerships If your project has a socially relevant theme, you might be
Newsfest Tami DeVine
7.30.19 3pm This seminar provides easy writing techniques to help improve the writing style and skills of mainly
Newsfest Heather Lesser
7.30.19 1pm Heather Lesser ‘s life story is harrowingly told in the film, “RAW.” Heather has climbed her way out of multiple
Script Summit - Kevin Hanna
7.30.19 6pm Kevin Hanna Presents Logline Lab - Bring your best or worst loglines with you! In this interactive seminar
Script Summit - Ann Kimbrough
7.30.19 5pm - Everyone pitches in Hollywood, from screenwriters to producers to anyone that can fund a film. It’s a
Script Summit - Ryan LaPlante
7.31.19 Bandersnatch and Beyond: How to Write For Interactive Games Ryan LaPlante, Head Writer for the
Script Summit - Ryan LaPlante
7.31.19 1pm to 3pm
SCENE TABLE READ with Ryan LaPlante and Kevin Hanna Script Summit has handpicked scenes
4KBK- Vanelle
7.31.19 3pm-5pm
Shooting for the Moon/Beyond Fame. This will go beyond “how to get famous” and deliver.....
AOF - Maggie Cook
8.1.19 11am The AOF Life Panel Starring Magie Cook. From Homeless to Millionaire... You should not miss this talk!
AOF- Dr. Robert Goldman
8.1.19 11am The AOF Life Panel Starring Dr. Robert Goldman, do you know what a self made billionaire looks like, don't miss
AOF - Susan Stafford
8.1.19 11am The AOF Life Panel Starring Susan Stafford - She walked away from Millions in order to serve God, find out why.
Anabelle Munro's Women Of Film 2019
8.1.19 1pm
We are gathering extraordinary women in TV/Film to discuss
AOF- Del Weston
8.1.19 3pm - Get It Done. How to Write Your Script in No Time, let's go...
AOF Queen Anabelle Munro
8.2.19 1pm
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If you'd like to support the festival, please support our charity Gifted.  It  has for well over a decade - assisted young talented people in reaching their goals and dreams in life.

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