Lureen Wu and “The Great Las Vegas Asian Film Awards”

     Award-winning filmmaker Lureen Wu was born and raised in Shanghai, China. She worked as a TV director in Shanghai for years, her works including TV documentaries, TV commercials, celebrity talk shows and music videos. Early in her career in Shanghai, Lureen worked with the Emmy Award-winning television interviewer, Nancy Merrill, in English talk show " Nancy Merrill: Minds of Millionaires" on the international channel of Shanghai TV Station(SMG) and CCTV NEWS.

     After moving to the United States, Lureen continued pursuing her career in film. She has been working on many film projects since her graduation from UCLA summer institute film production program and she worked with filmmakers who were parts of some best-known movies and TV shows such as Friends, Les Misérables (2012), The Big Bang Theory, Saw, Sex and The City, Iron Man 2, Grey’s Anatomy, The Princess Diaries, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones......

     Lureen enjoys working on set and is obsessed with storytelling and filmmaking. In 2019, she met legendary filmmakers Del Weston, Theresa Weston and Anabelle Munro, that’s when she got an opportunity to be introduced to the AOF Megafest and became a part of it. In 2020, with the support and love of the AOF family, Lureen started The Great Las Vegas Asian Film Awards, which is a platform for Asian filmmakers and stories about Asian communities to be seen and to have their voices to be heard. 


     Director Roger Christiansen(known for Friends) has recently joined the festival and becomes the honorable judge of The Great Las Vegas Asian Film Awards. Both Lureen and Roger are looking forward to meeting talented filmmakers at the event.


The 2020/2021 event will be taken place in Las Vegas as part of the 20.21 AOF Megafest.

     To Enter for Competition your film or Project must have a writer, producer, talent or director of Asian descent in order to be eligible for awards.  To Submit your work, please use

Thank you!


3540 W. Sahara Ave.

Unit #283​

Las Vegas NV. 89102

 Phone :


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