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    Del Weston and “The Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival and Writers Celebration”

A blend of new classic world film, hospitality, industry connections and of course a hearty brand of  vetted and trusted distributors,/buyers, audience and special guests will round out what is sure to become a major stop in the vein of top U.S. and international film events.

     Hosted by veterans of over sixty years of live entertainment events and scheduled to take place in one of the most dynamic cities in the world, Las Vegas: HDIFF guarantees to give filmmakers and writers the opportunity to showcase their works to a world audience, be screened in beautiful venues, offer validation, recognition  and awards in multiple Award Categories and in short, become a must-attend show for all involved in the film and television industries.


    When we created the show it was an answer to a lot of the desire on the part of filmmakers and writers who wanted a return to the more glamorous side of the Festival Circut.  With plenty of star power, great screenings in magnificent theaters and of course brilliant seminars; attendees and participants showcase their work in the best possible venues with plenty of opportunities to meet the right people which allows them greater access to all things Film and Story.

     As part of the Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival, we began bringing in International Speakers and Honorees including the Head of the China Film Group, major celebrities and of course industry professionals.  In additon we added the Legendary Stunt Awards which has celebrated top professionals in the Stunt World such as JJ Perry -(Stuntman for Arnold and The Rock), James Lew - (Luke Cage - Netflix), Silvio Simac - Action Star, Kim Kahana - Legendary Stuntman and so many others.

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