In Conversation with Ian Lauer

“From Headshots to the Silver Screen”

A Discussion of Business Basics for the New Actor

August  2 - 3pm Brenden Theaters
Inside the Palms Hotel

Ticket Price: $25 

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“From Headshots to the Silver Screen”

A discussion of business basics for the new actor


Suffice it to say, the “actor to be” should be training regularly to beef up his or her acting chops.  That is an entire talk in and of itself.  In this presentation, Ian Lauer will share the basics of the technical side of laying the groundwork for getting started as an actor. Ian has been in the industry for years and has recently started to gain serious momentum and wants to assist you in building your momentum. He desires to help you cut out wasted time spinning your wheels in the beginning phases of your new career.  Ian comes into this talk as someone that is, like you, in the trenches.  Among the subjects discussed will be:


  • Headshots

  • Resumes

  • Reels

  • Social Media

  • Websites

  • Casting Sites (Actors Access, LA Casting, Casting Frontier, Craigslist, IMDB, etc.)

  • Agents & Managers

  • Going Union. When is best?

  • The Audition Process (submission to audition to callback to avail to booking)


As a bonus, Ian is going to give you a behind the scenes look into booking work. He is going to share real-life examples from his career and explain exactly how he booked a number of roles.  Do you want to know how people are actually booking work?


The session will conclude with a Q & A for any further questions you may have.