The AOF Megafest ICON Awards and The AOF Legendary Stunt Awards presented by
Soke Michael DePasquale jr and Dr. Robert Goldman

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Icon Award 2019 .jpg
Legendary Stunt 2018.jpg

    In 2015 Del Weston put a call into his mentor and friend Micahel DePasqule jr - Publisher, Martial Artist, Owner of the Action Stunt Academy and East Coast Celeb.  Micahel had put together some of the most incredible live events that have ever taken place.  Within minutes of that conversation, THE AOF ICON AWARDS was born.  A show where top athletes, actors, performers and entertainers could be honored while mixing directly with their fans and contemporaries.

     The next phone call was to the absolutely, amazing Dr. Robert Goldman who was the very first recipient of the ICON Award and came on like a train after that first season and within a year; The AOF LEGENDARY STUNT AWARDS were born.  Where the Academy failed to recognize the work of the incredible Stunt Performers, we would make a place for them to be honored.

    Since that time we have awarded our Top Prizes to folks like UFC Champions Bas Rutten and Randy Couture, Stunt Legends JJ Perry, James Lew, Tarah Paige and Harry Mok.  Our stage has seen World Class Stars like Billy Blanks and Body By Jake's Jake Steinfeld.  The lists continue to grow as we usher in a new season of fantastic game changers and legends.

     We do not accept applications for the Icon Awards or the Legendary Stunt Awards.  Our Awardees are by Invitation Only.