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Script Summit Intro to Screenwriting…

Scene Mastery: Essential Skills to Elevate Every Scene with JoAnn Hess

Seminar 8.30.19 11:45 am-12:45pm

At the Indie Film Factory
3111 S. Valley View Blvd E-127
Las Vegas Nevada 89102

Every scene is the building block to a script. They move the plot, character and theme of your story. On a basic level, the screenwriter must be clear on the elements of a scene, where it needs to take place, who needs to be in the scene and what needs to happen.


Scene Mastery advances these basic skills to achieve a higher level of screenwriting proficiency. It identifies specific elements or methods that can be incorporated into every scene of a script to elevate and engage the audience. JoAnn Esposito Hess (Grandfella, The Devil’s Dandruff) will show how to implement these techniques, through script and film. Through these skills, you will understand how to master your own scene writing and elevate your scripts to a whole new level.

 What comes next? Geoffrey D. Calhoun    Seminar 8.30.19 11am-11:45am


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You’ve written your screenplay but now what? Who do I send it to? How do I make sure it’s ready for the market? Geoffrey D. Calhoun (Heroes From Heaven/S.O.S./Lily) Founder of WeFixYourScript.com and author of The Guide for Every Screenwriter will take you through the next steps for your screenplay. During an open Q & A session, Geoffrey will discuss networking, querying, how to write a proper synopsis and treatment, finding representation, branding and much more.

Talk About A Talented Writer, Joann Hess talks the talk and walks the walk!
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