Why Comedy Matters

And The Great Italian Comedies in History

July 29, 12pm-2pm

At the Brenden Theaters
inside the Palms Hotel and Casino

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Kathrina Miccio AOF 1st Lady of Film and 20x Award-Winning Actress and Filmmaker

Many people believe laughter is contagious, and one person laughing, can start others in a fit of laughter, which in turn release endorphins, or neurotransmitters, which are responsible for feelings of euphoria. 


Some researchers even suggest that laughing 100 times gives you the same workout as 15 minutes on an exercise bike.  Laughing works the cardiovascular system and lowers blood pressure, so it’s like a cardio workout.


Now, how do we apply comedy in acting and writing? 

Kathrina Miccio will present how comedy is defined by its characters, which resonates what happens in our everyday life. Like life, comedy continues in unending renovation  change, and what people can relate to.


Angela Pietropinto  will present the rules of comedy, and find where they exemplify these rules in actual scripts. Volunteer attendees will do some improvisations and theater 

games which implement the rules.


Alessandra Guarino will  introduce us to some Italian classic comedy, which inspires her to write, and will also compare them to present day comedy. She will also show examples of Italian comedies in history.

Kathrina Miccio 1st Lady of AOF MegaFest was born in New York, and is 1st generation Italian. Her father was born in Vico Equense, Italy, where her family still resides. Kathrina is a 20x award winning filmmaker, writer  and an actress, who has been a member of Screen Actors Guild for nearly 20 years. She had a recurring part of the Sopranos, where she met James Gandolfini, who supported both her acting, and art careers. Kathrina Miccio has also worked directly with actors such as Gary Sinese in The Forgotten, Mickey Rourke, and Marisa Torme, in The Wrestler, Alec Baldwin, and Anthony Hopkins in A Shortcut to Happiness, Vincent Pastore in her own film, St. Joseph, David Arquette, and Johnathon Schaech in The Commuters,Tom Cavanagh in Ed, and Richard Lynch, and Pat Cooper in Ankle Bracelet. Kathrina recently worked with Eric Roberts on When We Dance The Music Dies, The Streetz 2, Al Dente, and BIRR playing opposite Sean Young as Agent Gordon. In pre-production is western, American Gunslingers, sci-fi thriller, Mixxers, drama I Am, and suspense film, Angel.

Now since her first festival,The Cutting Room International Short Film Festival in New York City was so successful, it became an IMDB Award Festival in its first year, and also Top 100 Film Festivals in the world. With that, she is now, directing, along with Alex Guarino, The Venus Italian International Film Festival, in Las Vegas, Nevada, a sister festival of AOF Megafest. In 2018 she was named 1st Lady of AOF Festival and holds the permanent title in the AOF Family. She is a renowned Portrait Artist. She is a graduate of Wagner College with a BA in Fine Arts and Theater, where she began her desire to act. 

She is also a Breast Cancer survivor, and her intention is to pay it forward, and to inspire women to become more independent, stronger and create through all obstacles that life may bring. www.nobull.productions.



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