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7.30.19 3pm
At the Indie Film Factory
3111 S. Valley View Blvd  E-127
Las Vegas Nevada 89102
If your project has a socially relevant theme, you might be able to obtain some financial assistance by working with a non-profit organization. This seminar is not for anyone who is looking for a way to funnel money through charities in order to get non-taxable income.   It is for individuals who have a genuine desire to work with charitable organizations to produce and/or showcase socially relevant documentaries, feature films, or Docu-News features in an ethical and above board manner.  Seminar presenters will detail how their current film, “RAW,” was financed through non-profit donations.

Laurel Adler founded her film company, Tiny Planet Media in 2009.  She was Executive Producer for the feature film, “Driving By Braille” (2011), and Associate Producer on the children’s film, “Zombeo and Juliecula” (2013). She has produced numerous award winning documentaries including, Iron Chain Last Hope (2018), ATOUSA, (2017), The Harder Way, (2016), American Who (2015), Nada’s Gift (2014), SHOSHOLOZA, (2013), and Just Like Us, (2009)

Laurel is also a visual effects artist, having worked on several Hallmark Hall of Fame films, including Visual Effects Producer for Hallmark’s 2009 film, “A Dog Named Christmas,” and the independent science fiction film, “Continuity” in 2010. She also worked on two seasons of the AOL web series “Little Women Big Cars” (2012, 2013). 

Heather Lesser ‘s life story is harrowingly told in the film, “RAW.”  Heather has climbed her way out of multiple addictions and criminal activities, emerging as a successful artist.  She now helps other former addicts channel their energies into presenting their art.  Besides being an artist, Heather is a residential technician/care coordinator it is a non profit organization that provides drug and alcohol treatment for women with dual diagnoses, such as addiction/alcoholism combined with mental diseases such as PTSD, Schizophrenia, and Bipolar Disorder. Heather conducts meditation groups with clients assists with medications accompanies clients to 12 step meetings. Heather also cares for detox clients, providing emotional support.

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If you'd like to support the festival, please support our charity Gifted.  It  has for well over a decade - assisted young talented people in reaching their goals and dreams in life.

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