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The 2021 First Annual AOF Martial Arts Technique Master 
Competition and Awards  


     Millions of Martial Arts Masters, Instructors, and Students all over the world have perfected martial arts techniques that no one will ever see.  This new competition allows for EVERY Artist out there to be SEEN, HONORED, and AWARDED.      


     As part of the 20/21 AOF 17th Annual Megafest Event in Las Vegas, accepted submitted videos of incredible artists will be featured on our big screens during the week-long event and the winning Technique Masters will share the stage with so many other past AOF Legends like UFC Champion Randy Couture, Michael Jai White, Silvio Simac, Ron Perlman, Mark Ruffalo and so many others.    


     The winners of the competition will also receive the Official World Champion Martial Arts Belt as their trophy along with tape of their time at the AOF Event.


            CLICK THE ENTER BUTTON on the right and

                order your Martial Arts Technique Master

                 Competition and Awards Entry Ticket.

                               Entry Fee: $45.00


    Once you purchase your ticket you will receive an e-mail telling you where to send the link to your video or even the actual file.  We accept video from your cell phone, video camera, etc. Don't forget to add your name, address, phone and the Title of Your Technique and System.


     We accept submissions for ALL Systems, Styles, and ALL Ages and Levels. Once you submit, you'll get a response within two days as to whether your video submission has been accepted into the competition.  


If accepted, you will receive an invitation to AOF 2021 along with an All-Inclusive $750.00 'Master's Badge' good for entry into all screenings, seminars, and general admission parties at the 2021 AOF Event.


1.  One Technique Video Per Entry

2.  Single and Multiple Attacker Videos Are Allowed

3.  Technique Videos Without An Attacker / Partner Are Allowed

4.  Any Age, Any Rank, and All Systems Are Allowed To Compete

5.  You Do Not Have To Attend The AOF Festival's Live Event To Win

6.  Technique Videos Utilizing Weapons Are Allowed

7.  Entry Does Not Guarantee Acceptance
8.  There are NO Refunds

9.  Ju Jitsu and Wrestling Techniques Are Allowed in Competition

10. Got Questions?  Contact us at: 

Presented by

The AOF Megafest / The AOF Legendary Stunt Awards / The Icon Awards / American Martial Arts Alliance Foundation. 

Hosted By and Pictured Above, AOF Legendary Stunt Award Inductee Ian Lauer

Partial List of Judges for This Amazing Event Include

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 7.30.13 PM.png

GM Joe Corley
Master Instructor
MA Champion

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 8.15.21 PM.png

Sifu DA Jackson
Master Instructor
Action Director

Anastasia Gukovskya
MA Champion
AOF Host

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 7.38.41 PM.png


Master Instructor
MA Champion

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 10.27.21

Muay Thai Legend
Master Instructor

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