MEGAFEST, what the heck is that?  Megafest is fifteen festivals, competitions, screening events, multiple parties, seminars, mixers, international awards and more all taking place during the live Eleven Day AOF Event.  More opportunities, excitement, acceptances, nominations, awards and prizes being offered by an incredibly diverse group of judges, producers, committees and lovers of film from across the globe. Events Include but are not limited to the festivals below.


                                         Fifteen Times the Festivals in 1/10th the time.

                                              One flight, one hotel booking, one Uber, you get the Idea

                                              ALL Events take place during one Eleven Day Period 

                                              Each festival has it's own diverse array of judges, genres and focus so

                                              there are more opportunities to WIN.

                                         Fifteen Times the Excitement

                                              Access to the Seminars of up to Ten Shows

                                              Access to the Parties of up to Ten Shows

                                              Access to More Special Events, Celebs and Industry

                                              Access to More Acceptances, Nominations and Awards

                                        More of Everything You Go To Film Festivals For All At the Same Time!

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The Grandfather of MEGAFest now in Season 15, The AOF has set the bar for the quality film and writing events with some of the highest ratings and reviews of any other festivals on the planet.

Hollywood dreamz Logo Master.jpg

Hollywood Dreams was the new kid on the block with a different focus and judges the AOF. Hollywood Dreamers who made this show their new home shared in everything that made the AOF what it is today.

Presented by the Amazing Michael DePasquale jr, the Icons are the Best of What they do in their industry.  Bill Duke, Dr. Robert Goldman,etc Enter your own Icon for consideration via AOF On FilmFreeway

Presented by the Incredible Dr. Robert Goldman who brought the  biggest Stantman In the World; JJ Perry to the  1st Annual Event. Enter your own Stunt Legend for consideration via

AOF On FilmFreeway

Established by the great Hank Garrett, Jane Keller and Harold L. Brown; stories, scripts, movies made by kids 15 and under compete for awards and prizes  without Submission Fees  FREE TO KIDS 15 &


The Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Competition's mission is to celebrate the independent motion picture and literary arts by providing a platform for filmmakers and writers to have their work awarded and recognized.

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Celebrity Judges, fantastic films and stories for kids, by kids in  a setting of professionals who can and who seek to honor the work of our young people.  Created by Television Producer Vanelle, 4KBK is going to be one of the biggest shows ever.  For more information visit 

Polish Short Film Festival Logo.jpg

The Polish Short Film Festival II returns to The AOF and MEGAFest with a second year of fantastic short films and art from the great country of Poland.  Pictures and cinema that you have never seen before and will never see again!

Enter via FilmFreeway Here

The Low To No Film Festival is exactly what the title presents; a festival dedicated to the creators & producers of films with Low To No Budgets.  Not bad films, not films that no one took seriously but films that got done by the pure sweat and dedication of it's creators.

Enter Here

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The Next Action Star Film Festival was created to make a film starring YOU.  Check it out and see if you could be the Next Action Star.  Both Men and Women should submit and give yourself a chance to work with the pros!
Click HERE For More Information
FREE To AOF Submitters

Visit Their Website Here


Anabelle Munro has been involved in the film industry for the better part of two decades and since 2013 she has been an integral part of the running and growth of the AOF MEGAFEST.  Well, now she steps out with her own show, a FREE competition geared at bringing audiences The Most Important Films In The World.  As the Permanent Queen of the AOF, who better to bring the absolute best in quality sound, picture, story, performances, music and cinematography to our fantastic audiences?
Click HERE For More Information
FREE To AOF Submitters

Visit Their Website Here

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Tami DeVine and the brilliant Laurel Adler have created something that has NEVER been done before, a competition geared specifically for the News.  The best stories, reporters, journalists and more compete for awards and honors with this great festival.  For more information visit 



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