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 DJ Beef Stew and

“The New Cinema Film & Music Festival”

     You're out there telling stories, living life and sharing your experiences with everything from your cell phones to the highest priced cameras out there.  You're creating music, and beats, spitting rhymes and writing songs.  The world has changed and you are a part of that change but who understands you?  You hears YOU?  


     Here at The New Cinema Film & Music Festival, we hear you loud and clear.  That is the reason we were created.  Record

Mogul D.J. Beef Stew and his Crew said, 'Enough, is enough.  Where is our show?  Can't it just a glamorous, professionally run, fun

and life changing as some of the other shows out there?'

     Stew asked the right questions and then he found his answers and put action behind his need to support those who have a strong desire to

be seen, heard, mentored and loved for their unique visions, attitudes and voices.  In short, if you've ever been marginalized, treated unfairly

or just mis-understood then our doors are open and you will be welcome to express yourself, the way you express yourself.... No questions asked.

     We offer prizes, awards, acceptance and support for a community of people that has ALWAYS been under served.

     Its your turn, the time for you to take center stage HAS ARRIVED!

     If you are a creator who takes risks and is not afraid to move the dial, The New Cinema Film & Music Festival is for you. We recognize that true talent pushes past barriers and obstacles such as race, culture, orientation and economics. Growth is about advancing and pushing the envelope past the comfort zone by utilizing new and better technology, which translates into new cinema, new words and new film worlds.

     The New Cinema Film & Music Festival is a music, film, and written word competition that has joined the AOF Megafest, a family of 20 world-wide festivals that is now in its 18th successful season.

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