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Introducing NO RISK FEE FESTS Stop Wasting Submission Fees to Film Fests and
Writing Competitions  July 26-August 1, 2021 Las Vegas 

Enter Now!

​Submit your work via link  - no payment due unless your work is accepted after review -  along with your name to:  Don't forget to tell us which Megafest Festival or Event you'd like to enter.


The model for the traditional festival is to first amass a ton of submissions. Then festival directors and staff pick a select few to screen or go into competition.

This process leaves behind hundreds, and in many cases, thousands of filmmakers and writers who are left with nothing. 


Their dreams are dashed, their submissions fees are gone and they have wasted time, effort and MONEY.

Yep, we said it and we mean it.  Unlike other Film Festivals out there,our AOF Megafest Film Festivals, Sister Festivals, Written Word Competitions and Specialty Events have NEVER existed based on submission fees.  In fact, every year we add more screens and screening time in order to accept more of your great work to show.

Our model is very simple.  We look at your film, short, doc, video, script, story, art and if it fits into our programming we'll let you know -usally within 48 hours, not weeks or months.  At that point you can purchase a ticket for your entry and that's it, you're in competition for nominations and awards and yes, your project will screen with whatever Megafest Festival you've chosen to enter via No Risk.