Purchase your ENTRY TICKET for the ACTION ON FILM (AOF) Technique Master VIDEO CONTEST-


Millions of Martial Arts Masters, Instructors, and Students all over the world have perfected martial arts techniques that no one will ever see. Once the ticket is purchased, please submit one video (10-90 seconds in length) per paid entry ticket, of an incredible artist (or artists) for consideration/selection by sending a link to info@actiononfilmfest.com

Your video will be reviewed and judged by industry professionals.


The selected videos will be featured on our big screens during the week-long event.


The winners of the competition will receive the Official World Champion Martial Arts Belt as their trophy, along with a tape of their acceptance speech at the AOF Event.

ENTRY does not guarantee acceptance.

All sales final. No refunds. No exceptions.



1.  One Technique Video Per Entry

2.  Single and Multiple Attacker Videos Are Allowed

3.  Technique Videos Without An Attacker / Partner Are Allowed

4.  Any Age, Any Rank, and All Systems Are Allowed To Compete

5.  You Do Not Have To Attend The AOF Festival's Live Event To Win

6.  Technique Videos Utilizing Weapons Are Allowed

7.  Entry Does Not Guarantee Acceptance
8.  There are NO Refunds

9.  Got Questions?  Contact us at:  info@actiononfilmfest.com 


AOF Entry Ticket for Martial Arts Technique Master Video Contest