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In Benin City, lies a taxi station where every passenger know and fear because of two names, Owei and Eyituoyo who have turned it into a crime bidding zone where touting, pick- pocketing, lying, beating up and stealing cars are their norm. They are a duo that are using their not easy upbringing due to lack of all round role model, no education, put downs and instant police judgement to have a complex about doing good but instead an affinity to be into crime.
Owei and Eyituoyo become famous and high profile criminals, and with the involvement of Azuka Anyanwu, a police officer seeking promotion who becomes an informant of police activities Owei and Eyituoyo need for protection, that make them become unstoppable in crime even to the point of the reckless and pointless killing of Ubinni, Esezobor Idemudia, a public motivational speaker's son. Esezobor of course is grief stricken as a result of his son being murdered, and seeks the police force to investigate. Nnamdi Kanu is the highest profile police officer Esezobor needs to find the murderer(s).
Everyone as a result is hungry for blood-Nnamdi is hungry to investigate injustice by finding Esezobor's son's murderer(s), Esezobor is hungry for the murderer(s) of his son to be found, Azuka is hungry for this promotion that he won't stop at trying to destroy Nnamdi by giving criminals information to be one step ahead of the police and Owei/Eyituoyo won't stop the life of crime.
With Owei and Eyituoyo's high criminal profiles, they become invisible with their growing crimes in a bigger gang.
Nnamdi's quest to find Esezobor's son's murderer(s) become the biggest crime puzzle investigation of his career. Azuka keeps Owei and Eyituoyo and the gang in a hideout that makes it difficult for Esezobor to be close to who murdered his son.
Nnamdi's police team eventually track down Owei, Eyituoyo and gang through a whistle blower.
Ubinni's murder is traced back to Owei and Eyituoyo through DNA tests which matches the test conducted with Esezobor and the deceased Ubinni. With Owei and Eyituoyo and those alive from their gang in detention, Azuka flees the country with Tina, his girlfriend, for fear his cover is about to be blown by Nnamdi but Esezobor is relieved the criminals will get the justice coming to them for killing his son.
Nnamdi's team are giving a run for their integrity when Owei, Eyituoyo, Askia, Chuba and Nosa escape the van taking them to another prison. Chuba, Nosa and Askia are shot dead by the police leaving Owei and Eyituoyo to face the music of the law after surrendering their lives.




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