AOF MegaFest XV &

Hollywood Dreams III 

2020 Schedule 

July 23 - Aug 2, 2019

The 2020 Schedule is in Progress and will be posted here.  Until Updates are made please use last season's schedule as an indicator of what happens daily at the show planned for this upcoming season!


  • Creators' Brunch

  • Red Carpet Interviews

  • Del Weston on Film TV Show interviews (by appointment)

  • World Premiere Screenings

  • Charity Events and Dinners

  • Seminars

  • Pre-Parties

  • After - Parties

  • Black-Tie Award Shows and Dinners


  • Schedule/Topics may change

  • Conversation with Vernon Wells

  • Sunday Creators Welcome Brunch

  • Revolving Stages- The Past, Present and Future in Music- Derek "DOA" Allen

  • Nevada Film Office- Welcome to Nevada

  • How The Great Italian Comedies influence us today- Alesandra Guarino

  • Why Comedy Matters- Kathrina Miccio, and Angela Pietropinto Alessandra Guarino

  • Action Behind Action Fighting- Dr. Paul W. Dyer

  • What Comes Next ?- Geoffrey Calhoun

  • Scene Mastery- Essential Skills to Elevate Every Scene- JoAnn Hess

  • Help Finance Your Films Through Non-Profits- Laurel Adler and Heather Lesser

  • Write Better Script/Copy for TV News- Tami DeVine

  • How to Write a Feature Script with Breakdown  - Del Weston

  • Distribution Seminar-Meet and Greet

  • 4KBK Seminar - Vanelle

  • Women In Film- Anabelle Munro

  • The Power of Purpose Driven Content Part 1 -Anabelle Munro, Thomas Jahn, Jaques Thelemaque, George Zaverdas, Timon Birkhofer

  • The Power of Purpose Driven Content Part 2 -Anabelle Munro,Lindsey Ward, Markus Maria Young, Joe Polish, Urszula Nawrot, Frida Farrell , Jaques Thelemaque and Olga Kolb

  • Get it Done- Script to Screen- Del Weston

  • Life Panel- Dr. Robert Goldman, Magie Cook, Joe Polish, Dr. Susan Stafford

  • Limited Seats 

  • Schedule/Topics may change


Award Shows

  • AOF / Hollywood Dreamz/ A. Munro/ Low To No/LVIFSC/4KBK/Script Summit/The NewsFest           Writers' Dinner 7.30.20

  • Hollywood Dreamz / Legendary Stunts/Young Storytellers/Low to No/ 4KBK/The NewsFest                 Black Tie Awards Dinner and Show 7.31.20

  • AOF Black Tie Award/ Icon/A. Munro/LVIFSC Black Tie Awards Dinner & Award Show 8.1.20

  • All Award Shows have Limted Seats


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Program will be constantly updated as new information is available

Full Schedule Breakdown:

Week One

July 23-July 26, 2020

Week Two

July 27- August 2, 20120


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