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NEW CDC MANDATES STARTING 7.30.21 as well as the state of NEVADA, are requiring ALL persons entering public spaces, including the Galaxy theater, and therefore the MegaFest Festivals, to wear face masks upon entering and at all times. 
YOU choose not to wear a mask, YOU choose NOT  to participate  in the MegaFest Festivals and understand that No refund will  be given.

                                        2021 SCREENING SCHEDULES
                   Please note: Films are in a block of time and the order played within the block may not be the order shown here. 
* Unforeseen circumstances may cause times/theaters to change. 

Wednesday 7.28.21 Part 1

Wednesday 7.28.21 Screenings part 1.png

Wednesday 7.28.21 Part 2

Wednesday 7.28.21 Screenings part 2.png

Thursday 7.29.21 Part I

Thursday 7.29.21 PArt 1.png

Thursday 7.29.21 Part 2

Thursday  7.28.21 Part 2.png

Friday 7.30.21 Part 1

Friday 7.30.21 part 1.png

Friday 7.30.21 Part 2

Saturday 7.31.21 Part 1

Friday 7.30.21 part 2.png

Saturday 7.31.21 Part 1

Sat 7.31.21 part 1.png

Saturday 7.31.21 Part 2

Sat 7.31.21 part 2.png
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