What We're Most Grateful For and the Top Reasons To Be A Part of the AOF MEGAFEST

November 27, 2018

As the holidays get closer, we'd like to remind all of you of what everyone at The AOF MEGAFEST is most grateful for.  And what we grateful for is YOU.  All of you brilliant writers, creators, producers, performers, directors, costumers, make up artists, musicians, editors and everyone else involved in the creation of the incredible and beautiful films, scripts and success stories we've been showcasing and awarding for 15 seasons.

Now, why should you be a part of what we do?  Here are the top Reasons in no Particular Order:


10.  Great Prizes from Sponsors like Boris FX / Writer Bros. / Inktip / Sony

9.    We only showcase our films in Premium, Luxury Theaters.  No School
       Rooms  /  Convention Halls  /  Lecture Rooms

8.    More Chances to Win.  With 15 Major Competitions in every genre, length, format;

       all taking place at one time, Submitters have greater chances for Nominations, Prizes and             Awards

7.    We've been Critically Accliamed for 15 Years and in the Top 2% of All Festivals Out There

       According to the Pros at FilmFreeway