It's Christmas, What Will You Have, Coal or A Nice Gift?

Happy Holidays to everyone out there, except for the naughty boys and girls and you know who you are. NOW, HERE'S THE NEWS:

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU AOFERS OUT THERE! Two beautiful new gifts for you all, The Anabelle Munro Most Important Films In the World Film Competition is now Accepting Applications and Films and it is Free! Also, the fantastic Warren and Annette D. Hull will be moving their Las Vegas Script and Film Festival to the AOF MEGAFEST 2019. More of what you love from the AOF! Script Summit Creator Geoffrey Calhoun just broke the mold by getting Representation for Writer Neil Chase who is one of the best writers working today. Big announcement Krista Keller Talent Management will Reward a Script Summit writer with a 6 month contract for representation in 2019! Congratulations to Neil Chase 2018! Now what's cool about this award is that we'll be repeating for 2019 at the Script Summit Written Word Competition at the AOF Megafest. Visit to submit!

I met an real Angel earlier this week, her name is Anastasia Gukovskaya and she is one of the youngest World Champions I have ever met. I got to meet her father, talk to her a little bit and see what a New Rising Star looks like up close and personal. At only 15 Years of Age, this young phenom speaks four languages, is a Martial Arts Champion, and has hopes of becoming a world known actress. Made me want to ask myself, what I was doing at 15? At any rate with no further adieu, please meet the lovely and talented Anastasia Gukovskaya. "My name is Anastasia Gukovskaya.I was born in Moscow, Russia on May 1, 2003. I came to Cyprus when I was 6 years old, with my family. I started a six-year-old martial sport. I've done Taekwondo for 5 years, black belt 1 Dan.When I was 10 years old I became 1st and 2nd in the World Champion in Taekwondo by representing Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus , and I was 1st and 2nd in Eurasian Champion at the age of 9. I got an athlete scholarship and started to Girne American College in the 4th year and I studied for 2 years. I won the best athlete awards and medals each year in athletics and other sports." "On behalf of Girne American College , I participated in athletic competitions and got to the rankings, the high jump was the winner of Cyprus." "I started Kicboxing when I was 11, I did it for 2 years and I got the black belt 1 Dan. I came to Spain, on behalf of Martial Arts in Spain, and I lived there for a year. I have practice every day for 5-6 hours. I became the Kickboxing Champion of the Spanish Cup and became the Champion of the Madrid Teams Competition. I studied in Madrid and learned Spanish. I did Judo for 6 months and I was 1st in the Judo Schools Competition in Madrid. I went to courses in the modeling agency in Madrid. When I came back to Cyprus, I started Jiu-Jitsu. I graduated from high school and started university first year in department of International Business Management . I am doing Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Crossfit, Taekwondo and Boxing." (see Anastasia in the gallery pics below) With that work ethic, this young star has a chance to make it big. Please check out her facebook page, consider her for roles in your upcoming projects and tell her, 'Del sent me.'

The AOF Kicks Off it's production year for 2019 with a new project from the lovely and talented Anabelle Munro. This project is hush hush for details but Anabelle allowed us a few stills just to wet our appetites. Enjoy. Kleer Bros and Action On Film are pleased to announce that Dane Bowling is the winner of the 2018 Kleer Bros. Story to Screen Award for the screenplay “Punk Noir” written by Dane and his writing partner Ethan Stanislawski. Dane and Ethan were one of three finalists announced at Action On Film Megafest 2018, and although they were 2nd Runner Up in the initial round based on their synopsis, they worked very hard during the mentoring phase of the award and completed their screenplay at a high level of excellence. It's not easy to take a story from synopsis to completed script in only three months time, but Dane and Ethan took on the task with enthusiasm, and guided by mentor Kirk Ryde they have produced a script that Kirk believes will lead to a film of lasting beauty. Now, Action on Film will present $25,000 toward the production of “Punk Noir” as produced by Kleer Bros. Entertainment, with Dane and Ethan receiving $1,000 of this award for their screenplay. “Dane and Ethan are great writers,” says Kirk, “collaborative, creative and open minded, and they showed consistency of effort throughout the writing phase of the award. I'm excited to be producing “Punk Noir” and look forward to premiering this film at AOF Megafest 2019. See you all in Vegas!” “Punk Noir” is the story of a detective investigating a grisly murder in the punk world of 1980's Los Angeles, winding his way down a mohawked path of anarchists, mobsters, junkies and lawmen, all the while chasing the one thing he could never have: the girl. Pre-production is currently underway. Visit for more information. Photo 1: Kirk Ryde, Dane Bowling and Ethan Stanislawski at Action On Film Megafest 2018. Photo 2: Kleer Bros. Story to Screen Award Logo and Announcement

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