It's Early, Get Started on 2019 Like A Writing or Filmmaking Boss!

Yes, that's America Young and she's taking the world by storm with her new series, films and other incredible projects. Read on for MORE!

America Young is kind of a Bad Ass. She does films like no other filmmaker out there and that makes her stand out. She'll be premiering her new work, PROTECTRESS at the AOF MEGA FEST in 2019 and here is a little info on this incredible Filmmaker and Storyteller...

'America Young ( is currently working in Film, TV and Video Games, as a Director, 2nd unit director, stunt coordinator and stunt woman. To date, she has over 45 video games under her belt. Just this year alone, she has stunt coordinated on 3 feature films for Netflix, Lifetime and Cannal Plus. She has directed 6 entire web series and episodes from three others. She has directed 13 shorts and 2 music videos. America is so excited that all her years of production experience and geek obsession culminated into directing her first feature, a pop-culture comedy called “The Concessionaires Must Die!!”, executive produced by Stan Lee. ( which had it’s World Premiere, opening weekend at The Palm Springs Film Festival in 2017.'

Yes, America is working it like a Boss and we hope you will too!

Everyone knows that every great project starts with a great script and start up Written Word Competition SCRIPT SUMMIT is taking the world by hands and shaking vigorously. In their first season, the Geoffrey D. Calhoun created event has been named as One Of The Top 20 Written Word Competitions in the World. From Sundance to The Nicholls to every other competition out there, Script Summit made the list. As part of the AOF MEGA FEST, the show had the opportunity to rise to the top, like a Boss and that is exactly what Calhoun and his team did!

Don't miss out because this is your chance to showcase your work at Script Summit II in Las Vegas this summer. Here is a discount code to help you take advantage of the opportunities that this event offers: Save5atScriptSummit2019 Use this code on either or to save an extra $5.00 off of your submission fee. For more information, please visit which is sponsored by

Did you know that last week the AOF MEGA FEST gave out $30,000.00 in additional prizes and awards from Movie Magic Screenwriter? Well, we did and along with that, we also gave out Discount Codes and Waivers to a number of AOFers who needed them. Thanks to the great people at Movie Magic for allowing us to be so generous with our Writers and Storytellers!

To be fair to our Filmmakers for those of you who need it, we will be offering $10.00 Discounts on Submissions through the end of the month. Simply drop a line to: and she'll make sure you get a discount code. By the way, 'yes' that is the incredible Vanelle in the photo above.

Speaking of Vanelle, we were talking today about exactly what the AOF MEGA FEST is and what it is, is GROWING. That's right, people are reaching out all of the time asking how they can add their film festival or writer's event to the MEGA FEST roster and believe it or not, it's pretty simple. If you have a new or existing show that you'd like to bring to reality or see as a Live Event, simply contact theresa@actiononfilmfest and get the information you need to become a new partner festival. While we have stringent guidelines, we plan to be the biggest film and writers event in the world; that was our purpose in moving to Las Vegas in the first place.

Finally, a special thanks to our fantastic sponsor Inktip for bringing this newsletter to you today!

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