Were You One Of This Weeks AOF MEGAFEST WINNERS? If Not, Congratulate Them Because Your Turn Is Coming.

January 28, 2019

     Hey, here are last week's AOF Winners of FREE Submission Waivers for Any AOF Competition for 2019.  How did they win?  Simple, they engaged with the AOF via Facebook.  That's right, we're giving waivers only in the future to those who have engaged with the AOF in some meaningful way.  Meaningful ways include reviews, FB comments, sharing of posts, previous entries, previous submissions, you know, just being a good AOF MEGAFEST Citizen.

     We'll choose winners every week as we will no longer accept FEE WAIVER REQUESTS, we'll just give FEE WAIVERS out to people who show their support.  According to Martha Stewart, that's a good thing!  Check out all of the competitions at  https://www.actiononfilmfest.com