Were You One Of This Weeks AOF MEGAFEST WINNERS? If Not, Congratulate Them Because Your Turn Is Com

Hey, here are last week's AOF Winners of FREE Submission Waivers for Any AOF Competition for 2019. How did they win? Simple, they engaged with the AOF via Facebook. That's right, we're giving waivers only in the future to those who have engaged with the AOF in some meaningful way. Meaningful ways include reviews, FB comments, sharing of posts, previous entries, previous submissions, you know, just being a good AOF MEGAFEST Citizen. We'll choose winners every week as we will no longer accept FEE WAIVER REQUESTS, we'll just give FEE WAIVERS out to people who show their support. According to Martha Stewart, that's a good thing! Check out all of the competitions at https://www.actiononfilmfest.com

​ This weeks newsletter is brought to you by Massimiliano Cerchi's MAYDAY, check it out!

During a flight from Los Angeles to London, frequent power outages lead to passengers mysteriously disappearing one by one. With the remaining passengers lives on the line, an Air Marshal (Michael Pare) jumps into action while he tries to determine what is going on.

AOF MEGAFEST Early Deadlines end this Thursday January 31, 2019. Where did the year go? I just woke up and already February is on the way! We're hitting the deadline of our least expensive submission fees of the season.

This beautiful boy is here to wake you up and let you know, its time to dust off your old project or to double check your new project and get them entered into the 2019 AOF MEGAFEST! There is NO Festival out there that wants to showcase and celebrate your work more than we do and we've proven it for 15 years running. Check out the shows at https://www.actiononfilmfest.com/megafest and remember a couple of our AOF MEGAFEST SHOWS and COMPETITIONS are FREE to enter.

Everyone knows that every great project starts with a great script and start up Written Word Competition SCRIPT SUMMIT is taking the world by hands and shaking vigorously. In their first season, the Geoffrey D. Calhoun created event has been named as One Of The Top 20 Written Word Competitions in the World. From Sundance to The Nicholls to every other competition out there, Script Summit made the list. As part of the AOF MEGA FEST, the show had the opportunity to rise to the top, like a Boss and that is exactly what Calhoun and his team did!

Don't miss out because this is your chance to showcase your work at Script Summit II in Las Vegas this summer. Here is a discount code to help you take advantage of the opportunities that this event offers: Save5atScriptSummit2019 Use this code on either Coverfly.com or FilmFreeway.com to save an extra $5.00 off of your submission fee. For more information, please visit www.scriptsummit.com which is sponsored by www.wefilxyourscript.com

By the way, how did Geoffrey C. Calhoun of Script Summit fame get representation for AOF and Script Summit Alum Neil Chase as a writer? Who cares how he did it? The fact of the matter is, he did; now submit to his show for the chance for the same prize for YOU.

Ever wanted an AOF MEGAFEST Membership Card but thought you couldn't afford it? We'll you can! Through Jan. 31, 2019 get a 10% Discount on the card and pay over time so you don't have a big one time payment. Get EVERYTHING AOF MEGAFEST for 3 Seasons without breaking the bank. Save Money and join the other great Members. For more information, call us at 844-744-1844 and make it happen.

What the heck is this? Keep posted, more news coming soon!

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