Manager...Smanager... Hey, Not So Fast Pal! We Can Get You A Manager, Really!

Who is this? Why, its Idelia Mars, a new AOF MEGAFEST filmmaker, writer, producer and star. See her work at AOF 2019 Baby! Now on to the Manager information.

Did you know that the walls of the film industry are being brought down? Old Hollywood is dying faster than Netflix and Amazon is buying new servers to house their growing libraries of content. Seriously, you used to have an Agent and a Manager to hit the streets for you, to break you into the business but filmmakers have wised up and realized that those days are gone. Everyone is creating their own stories, shows, films, franchises and everything in between. That being said, you no longer have to go through the Hollywood Machine, the barriers are broken down. Now you hear stories of filmmakers, writers, show runners and newbies with NO connections getting meetings with every major studio, streaming service, start up and those meetings are changing their lives.,

So, we decided to to add Management Services to our list of prizes which include CASH, Software, Awards, Certificates, Budget, Edit and Writing Apps and more. In 2019 the great Agent / Manager Ray Cavaleri will begin offering his services exclusively to some of our AOF MEGAFEST, HOLLYWOOD DREAMZ and other AOF Events. Why you ask? Its simple, I asked him to. Since his big wins at AOF X when he and his team ran the AOF Table with the great film Charlie Valentine, Ray and I have had something of a mutual admiration society going for one another. Hearing what you needed, we both decided to act. What did I need? I just wanted to get meetings to pitch some of our AOFer's shows and films. Ray has been helping and guiding me for years and now its time for that to be shared with some of our top filmmakers, actors, writers, producers and directors for 2019 and beyond. To be considered for Ray's services, simply enter your film or script into any of our AOF MEGAFEST Events and we'll do the rest.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the great Danny Aiello will be attending the show this summer and more than that, he may even be doing a few songs from his new album at our new sister event; THE VENUS FILM FESTIVAL which was created and hosted by The First Lady of the AOF Kathrina Miccio, the brilliant and beautiful Alessandra Guarino and Theresa Coscarelli-Weston. In addition, Mr. Aiello will be presenting his new film, MAKING A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL directed by AOF Alum Frank D'Angelo. Mr. A's best performance, who knows? Everything Aiello does is great, from THE PROFESSIONAL, MOON STRUCK, to MAN ON FIRE, my goodness this guy is fantastic!

The purpose of this festival is to celebrate all things Italian in Cinema. Everything from Directors to performers, producers, locations, any and everything Italian is what these great ladies are looking for as they open up their event for submission over the next few days. So, if you have a film, short, script, story, artwork, or poster made by, about, celebrating or paid for by someone of Italian heritage, we want to celebrate your work!


Debra Gussin submitted the lyrics from her new song BEST ACTOR for consideration to the Hollywood Dreams International Festival and guess what? That's right, we love her work and that makes Debra Gussin the Hollywood Dreamer Of The Week.


"The Crossing" a story of a vengeful Bride-to-be that lost her Husband moments before their wedding. The crash happens at The Crossing followed by a series of random killings ending lovers future plans for happiness." Thomas Haley has been a filmmaker for over a decade, with project credits as a producer, writer and actor his most creative moments come when he is wearing the captain hat of the director. All that makes Thomas the AOFer Of The Week!

Want to be considered for the AOFer or the Hollywood Dreamer of the Week? Simply enter either one of those competitions and give us a full submission which includes stills, artwork and a statement about yourself or your project and we can do everything else. Oh yes, did we mention that the folks who get these two spots are guaranteed acceptance into the respective show? Well, they do.

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If you'd like to support the festival, please support our charity Gifted.  It  has for well over a decade - assisted young talented people in reaching their goals and dreams in life.

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