Thank God It's Friday, Baby!

It's Friday, have a great weekend. What the heck???

I'll tell you what the Heck. That's a poster image from the new film RAG Doll by the amazing director Bailey Kobe. Here's the 411. 'Nora is that girl: the one who works overtime, helps out her family by all means, and leaves little for herself. She can't even fathom a love interest. But with her one free hour a day, she takes out life's hardships at the local mixed martial arts gym, where she is no longer who she is, if just for that hour.When complications in her real life cause it to crumble, she is lead to enter a championship tournament as a novice, but Nora must learn not just what she is fighting for, but what she is actually fighting against!' The AOF Megafest is roaring along and we just added two new shows to this upcoming season which once again will take place in Las Vegas, the most exciting city in the world. Look for the incredible VENUS Film Festival and the brand new THE NEWS FEST. These two shows are unique in that for Venus anyone who enters must have a film, script, cast, crew, writer or director of Italian Heritage. The Italian Film is underserved and with this show, created by AOFers Kathrina Miccio and Alessandra Guarino, is planned to bring awareness and attention to the films made by and with Italian Talent.

Right beside the Venus Fest we will be hosting what we believe will be one of the biggest shows of its kind, THE NEWSFEST. 'The NewsFest is an exciting opportunity for News Professionals to present their work to an international audience! We invite all News Professionals - in front of the camera; behind the camera; Editors; News Scriptwriters; Photojournalists and others to submit their work.Students and Interns are also invited to submit. Winners in each category will have their winning entry televised in the local LA viewing area.' That description came directly from Newsfest creator's Laurel Adler and Tami DeVine who want to bring accountability, truth and exposure to the most important news stories and producers, directors, reporters, writers and on air talent. Click the photos to learn more.

Thinking about entering the HOLLYWOOD DREAMS International Film Festival? There are a lot of reasons to enter the show, not the least of which is that you can double your opportunities for Nominations, Awards, Prizes and more. Don't waste time and fees on Festivals that don't really want to showcase your work. The AOF Megafest was built to honor work from all over the globe while simultaneously offering filmmakers and writers the opportunity to be recognized by up to 15 Film Festivals, Writers Competitions while attending ONE GIANT SHOW.

Well, here's another reason to make the leap and enter NOW. For every film, script, short, doc, music video that is entered before February 28, 2019 you can receive a 25% Discount (That's Real Money) off of your entry into the Hollywood Dreams III. Here's the link, now get to work on getting the recognition you deserve for your writing or movie skills by visiting the TOP 100 GOLD RATED SHOW at and don't forget your 25% Discount Code HDIFFAOF2019Submitted Yeah Baby! Remember, if you screened with AOF before but not with Hollywood Dreams your work is AUTOMATICALLY accepted into the Hollywood Dreams show for competition in both written word and film and video projects. So, even if you haven't created something new, that older project still has a chance to compete and win!

It's Michael DePasqule jr's Birthday Today. Remember, one of the reasons that the AOF even exists today is because of Michael D. So, if you get a chance, check him out on Facebook and send him a Birthday wish. Thanks!

We're gearing up for an absolutely Gigantic AOF Megafest 2019 which happens to commemorate our 15th Season and we've just begun to outline the Special Guests and Award Winners for this year. From the Stars on our Stages to the Experts teaching our Seminars and Talks, we are taking names. So, if there is anyone you'd like to see honored or teaching at the 2019 Show, please drop us a line and let us know. (Pictured Mark Ruffalo at AOF)

Need some really great music? Look no further! FILM COMPOSER Anthony Espina (561) 584-4437 IMDB: Soundcloud: YouTube Channel:

Have a Great Weekend!

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