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    Laureal Adler and “The Newsfest”

     The NewsFest -True Stories International Film and Writers’ Festival is an exciting opportunity for Documentarians, News Professionals, plus writers and films and Screenplays based on “True Stories,”  plus Musicians showcasing original music.

One of the unique advantages of submitting to NewsFest is that overall category winners will have their winning entry televised in the local LA viewing area!


     Founded in 2019, The NewsFest has showcased important true stories from throughout the world.  Award-winning filmmakers

include Rohini Ruhi Hak who brings us compelling stories from India including her international award for “Got Cancer,” a story of

children battling cancer; Angela Koh of South Korea whose stories take place in North and South Korea, while other projects reveal the challenges in the South Korean culture within the USA; Mederbek Zhalilov of Kyrgyzstan who chronicled voter fraud in his own country, Thea Haavet who told the story of Tim Peters, a brave advocate,  who smuggles North Korean refugees to freedom;  Arizona News reporter William Pitts, who tells poignant local stories that have resonance in any community, Tommy Tucker of the US who documented his own quest to get his son to do his homework by holding up camera friendly posters in various sports venues imploring his son to do better in school; Paul Foulkes of Japan who tells his own story of struggles with HIV, and the surprising gift that the disease has given him; Amy Leigh McCorkle, who tells her own story of her struggles with mental health; Anabelle Munro who shares her own struggles with eating disorders and how others can learn from her experiences; and Washington DC documentarian, Valerie Whitcomb who tells the story of a marijuana farmer in Tennessee; and Liane Scott, who brings the daily struggles of Washington’s black community.


     Featured screenwriters have included award-winning writers such as the highly respected Harold Brown of Canada, Ron Podell of Wyoming, John McCarney of Arizona, and Bob Messinger of New Jersey.  Featured musicians include Jill Sissel, Barbara Heller, The Poppyseeds, Paul Helou, and Jay Mullings.


     The NewsFest is an exciting opportunity for News Professionals, Documentarians, Writers, Filmmakers and Musicians to present their work to an international audience! Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to get international acclaim for your projects!

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