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Anabelle Munro's "The Most Important Films Festival"


Anabelle Munro's The Most Important Films Festival is all about highlighting the impact and meaning of the story - be it a movie script or a film. The TMIF awards and showcases filmmakers and those who make impact films happen, and we also highly emphasize the networking element of our diverse, impact-driven festival. 

Past award winners include Industry powerhouses such as producer Lee Broda (poet, activist, and producer of films such as "Tesla,

"The Kindergarten Teacher," "A Private War"), Jacques Thelemaques (director and CEO and founder of the LA Filmmakers Alliance), as well as international talent such as Jimmy Olsson ("Alive"), and many more. 

We do not judge by budget or other superficial standards. If your script or film has a profound message that serves to advance society and the planet, you have found a festival that was created for filmmakers like you.

About Anabelle Munro


Anabelle is an award-winning actress, writer, director, singer, producer, and C.E.O. of the film production company Blue Boots Entertainment that she operates together with her husband Huntly Munro in Los Angeles.


Anabelle credits her strong theatre background as the facilitator for her versatile career. She credits classic literature's treasures as her most favored go-to inspiration as a filmmaker, and traditional Japanese, German, Greek, and British storytelling are at the heart of her work. Munro describes her process as a re-discovery and re-invention of the historic story-lines in the content she writes gets presented with.

Anabelle's artistic focus is dedicated to purpose-driven filmmaking, like spreading awareness about recovery from addiction, healing, and discovering purpose and spirituality. Her 3 Book Series, "The Skeleton Key Series," focuses on sharing her own powerful story of healing.

Munro's directorial work in film explores the same deeply human topics. The Feature Film "Ole King Cole," written by her long-time collaborator and directing partner Del Weston, is a tour-de-force and of three broken people trying to cope and find an exit strategy to their troubles. A likewise powerful directorial work about the dark subject of eating disorders is the short "The Weight of Perfection," which Anabelle directed, co-wrote, and starred in next to Leanne Melissa Bishop with Hayden Hishaw, Wyatt Oleff, Merit Leighton, and Kelly Perine.

Other festival winners such as "Bullies" (2018 Comic-Con winner for Best Fantasy Film and Best Film), written and directed by filmmaker and virtual reality artist Daniel Bydlowski, "Bob Junior," written and directed by Student BAFTA and Student D.G.A. winner Dilek Ince, "The Boy Who Cried Fish!", written and directed by political activist Daila Musaad, starring Jacob Hopkins and Breeda Wool, "The Nerd Posse," which she co-directed with creator Suzette Troche-Stapp, starring Merit Leighton and Benjamin Stockham and "Gaijin: Fish Out of Water," written, directed by Anabelle and Huntly Munro, garnering the creative couple numerous awards, including Best Actress at the Action on Film Fest 2016, the Best Actress and the Louis Buñuel Award for best artistic production at the Port Hueneme Film Festival 2017, to name just a few.

Anabelle's recent acting work includes the lead in the gripping Sci-Fi feast "Tracing Force", a feature film directed and written by the legendary Elias Acosta.

To give back to the filmmaking community, Anabelle founded "Anabelle Munro's Most Important Films," aka the TMIF Festival in Las Vegas. Her festival supports and honors filmmakers who impact the world with a message that serves society.

Since 2017, Anabelle also serves in the prestigious role of "The Queen of the A.O.F. Megafest " in Las Vegas (17th season).

Queen of the AOF

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