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World Cinema Iran at Action on Film presented by

Maryam Pirband

     The cinema of Iran or cinema of Persia refers to the cinema and film industries in IRAN which produce a variety of commercial and artistic films annually . Iranian art films have generated international fame and now enjoy a global following .

Some critics now rank Iran as the world's most important national cinema ,artistically ,with a significance that invites comparison to Italian Neorealism and similar movements in past decades. A range of important international film festivals have honored Iranian cinema in the last twenty years.

     The Iranian cinema section joins the Action On Film International Film Festival from 2016 containing high rated films in feature,documentary,short films,animation and experimental films.

     The cinema section of Action On Film International Film Festival attended by several high-ranking Iranian official cinematic people . Addressing the closing party , Shahab Hosseini ( cannes film festival best actor, for The Sales Man ,directed by Asghar Farhadi and awarded Oscar's best foreign movie) , Behrooz Vosughi the legend of Iranian cinema, Mohsen Amiryousefi,Gohar Kheirandish,Hamid Farrokhnejhad and many other super stars and filmmakers from Iran.

     As MegaFest provides a great numbers of high quality screening theaters many audiences could come and watch their favorite films with the crew .

     The Iranian cinema in AOF 2018 contains a good range of upcoming artistic and commercial movies.

     Maryam Pirband is graduated in Movie Directing from Society of Iranian Youth Film Makers and Youth Filmmakers association of Iran ,she has a B.A in economics from Tehran university also.She Started her job in cinema with acting and played in 22 movies, T.V series and theaters. After some years of assisting famous Iranian directors she start her directing job . She Directed , Writes and produced 18 Short films, Documentaries and T.V series. Her films traveled all around the world in festivals , nominated and awarded . As a successful screenwriter she has many good films and T.V series also two books containing scripts .

Maryam participated in many film festivals Jury team around the world such as :


Main Jury member , Parvaz International Film Festival, 2017,IRAN

Main Jury Member International AOF Film Festival USA 2017

Main Jury Member International AOF Film Festival USA 2016

Main Jury Member International Salman International Film Festival 2016,IRAN

Selection Committee member of Erbil International Film Festival, 2014,KURDISTAN IRAQ

Main Jury member ,Nihal Short Film Festival, 2013IRAN,KURDISTAN IRAQ

Head of the Jury Panel Team of The Women Short Film Festival, 2013,KURDISTAN IRAQ

Main Jury member ,Solaymanieh Chira Documentary Film Festival, 2013,KURDISTAN IRAQ

Main Jury member , Salamat  International Film Festival, 2014,IRAN

This year we featured the following International films From Iran


Directed By:  Mahyar Ghalami

Running Time:  04:12 mins

A Cage For It's Eyes

Directed By:  Rozhia Yaghmaei

Running Time:  01:25 mins

A Long Day

Directed By:  Babak BahramBeigi

A Missed Call

Directed By:  Shahab Ab Roshan

Running Time:  12:40 mins

A Moon In Vane

Directed By:  Ali Drerakhshandeh

Running Time:  21:53 mins

Ani's Apartment

Directed By:  Tofigh Amani

Running Time:  10:17 mins

Appricot Groves

Directed By:  Pouria Heidary

Running Time:  1 hr 20 mins

Another house

Directed By:  Behnoush Sadeghi

BeingAwake in Fantasy

Directed By:  Saeid Rezaii

Running Time: 29:00 mins

Boghze Hamoun

Directed By:  Mohsen Shirzai

Running Time: 37:32 mins

By Its Little Wings

Directed By:  Kaveh Marhamati

Running Time: 14:03 mins

Cold Breath

Directed By:  Abbas Raziji

Running Time: 1 hr 24 mins


Directed By:  Ehsan Shadmani

Running Time: 52:00 mins

Day Off

Aidin Pedari

Directed By:  Aidin Pedari

Running Time: 22:51 mins


Aidin Pedari

Directed By:  Maryam Katanforoush

Running Time: 04:40 mins


Aidin Pedari

Directed By:  Ali Shahabi

Running Time: 50:38 mins


Directed By:  Meisam Zardoshtian

Running Time: 01:39 mins

For Nothing

Directed By:  Asal Gharib

Running Time: 29:37 mins


Directed By:  Amirmohamad Tavakoli

Running Time: 09:31 mins


Directed By:  Pouria Heidari oureh

Running Time: 1 hr 23:05 mins

Hassanlou Goblet

Directed By:  Mohamadreza Aslani

Running Time: 28:10 mins

In My Abandoned thoughts

Directed By:  Leila Habibi

Running Time: 12:40 mins


Directed By:  Arash Zareh

Running Time: 24:57 mins

Killing Older Brother

Directed By:  Iman Salehi

Running Time: 15:56 mins

Last Condition

Directed By:  Maryam Veis Moradi

Running Time: 19:28 mins

Old Man Of The Dried Land vineyard

Directed By:  Houman Maroufi

Running Time: 14:41 mins


Directed By:  Pouria Takavar

Running Time: 34:07 mins


Directed By:  Paricher Raili

Running Time: 04:57 mins


Directed By:  Shadi Shianfari

Running Time: 01:37 mins

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Directed By:  Baha Jamali

Running Time:  05:59 mins

Photoes Can Talk

Directed By:  Baha Jamali

Running Time:  1 hr  02 mins


Directed By:  Abtin Salimi

Running Time:  15:59 mins

Provisional Death of bees

Directed By:  Maryam Firouzi

Running Time:  26:00 mins

Raising Sail

Directed By:  Shermin Mojtahedzadeh

Running Time: 05:31 mins


Directed By:  Houman Shahabi

Running Time: 39:48 mins


Directed By:  Vahid Hasanvand

Running Time: 06:13 mins


Directed By:  Azizaollah Hamidnejhad

Running Time: 1 hr 20 mins


Directed By:  Saeid Ameri Siahoui

Running Time: 22:00 mins


Directed By:  Pouya Nabi

Running Time: 10:47 mins

Silent For Ever

Directed By:  Mostafa Yousefpour

Running Time: 10:44 mins

Size Of Reflection

Directed By:  Shayan Fathi

Running Time: 5:22 mins

Southern Mehrabad

Directed By:  Amin Ashrafi

Running Time: 14:33 mins


Directed By:  Ardavan Tarakome

Running Time: 29:23 mins


Directed By:  Atena Mahmoudi

Running Time: 09:25 mins

The Black Box

Directed By:  Amirreza Jalalian

Running Time: 14:07 mins

The Calling For Father

Directed By:  Hamidreza Mazrae Khatiri

Running Time: 23:27 mins

The Roed Will Never End