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    Alessandra (AleX) Guarino and “X World Short Film Festival”

     Alessandra (AleX) Guarino is an Independent Filmmaker (Writer, Director, Actress, Camerawoman, Audio and Video Editor), Musician, Music Composer, Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Webmaster and, last but not least, certified ThetaHealer® Practitioner.

     Always passionate about all kinds of art (but also about science, technology and what goes beyond the visible reality), she dedicated her life to dance (many styles), music (playing, composing and singing), and other artistic and creative eXpressive means.


     Realizing movies has become for her the most exciting and complete way to eXpress her creativity, to communicate messages and emotions and to bring life to her peculiar ideas, merging all the things that she’s able to do and that she always loved to do.

A crucial turning point in AleX’  life happened in 2017 after she met Del and Theresa Weston at her first Film Festival in Las Vegas, where she lived an unexpectedly exciting, and gratifying experience.

     Since then, her works have been collecting many recognitions (especially out of Italy) and her mind is constantly bubbling with new ideas and projects to realize…

In 2019 AleX decided to start a parallel project:  “X World Short Film Festival”, inspired by the good and bad things experienced in the large Festivals sector.

     Being herself an Independent Filmmaker, who understands very well the intense work and dedication needed to create films and knows how it feels like to have one's own work showcased and appreciated, she committed herself to run a Festival that offers a space and truly honors Independent Art and Artists.

     The Festival, for Short Film and Scripts, is especially focused on fascinating stories, inspiring messages, fun intrigues, new themes, unusual points of view, mysteries! As long as in tune with good vibes…

     The 2019 Event took place in Rome (Italy), the 2020/2021 Event will be in Las Vegas, as part of the MegaFest, where “X World Short Film Festival” has been beautifully welcomed and found a lovely and supportive Family.

     You can find all the Festival info on:  If you are curious and want to know more about AleX variegated professional life, go to

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