Created by Harold L. Brown, and Jane Keller.

The Young Storytellers Award is given each season to young people 15 and under who tell great stories with film, the written word, photography, song or any other method of expressing themselves to others.  The voice and vision of a child is limitless and should be unencumbered. Therefore there is ZERO Admission Fee for ALL Young Storytellers                 15 years old and Under (age at project creation).

Awards include; Plaques/Trophies and/or certificates, Cash (for top winners), mentorship, equipment, software and more.  Waivers are available to any student 15 years old or under.  Enter via with a copy of your current student I.D. or enter at and we'll do the rest! 

Fred Keating on The Young StoryTeller Awards

Guest: Fred Keating has a long and multi-faceted career in theatre, radio, TV and film in character roles and as a host, motivational speaker and podcast producer/host.

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If you'd like to support the festival, please support our charity Gifted.  It  has for well over a decade - assisted young talented people in reaching their goals and dreams in life.

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